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Cheap Office Space on Golf Course Road

Cheap Office Space on Golf Course Road

This is a very reasonably priced furnished office space in Gurgaon a good quality building with very limited offices, this is a building called Time Square on the Golf Course Road, a lot of people would not have noticed this building as it is a small building with the Honda Showroom on the Ground Floor.

The specific office space is very well furnished, with an independent pantry and a very good quality bathroom within the office space. The total area is approximately 2000 sq.ft. with about 10 workstations, 2 director cabins, waiting area with reception area, pantry and a washroom.

The quality of interiors for this furnished office space on Golf Course Road is quite good, which is visible from the pictures below:

In case you are looking for a Furnished Office Space on Golf Course Road, this probably is the cheapest option that you will find. Please feel free to give us a call for viewing this furnished office space on Golf Course Road.


Suncity Business Towers

Furnished Office Space in Suncity Business Towers

About the Building:

Suncity Projects have completed urban real estate projects arraying from Townships to Group Housing, Commercial Office Complexes to Shopping Malls to Luxury Residential apartments.

Suncity Business Tower is beautifully landscaped and sprawled over an area of 2.5 acres located bang on Golf Course Road with a frontage of 525 feet.

Suncity Business Tower offers all the ultra modern facilities for MNC to operate. It offers ample 2 level basement parking, large floor offering 21000 sq. Ft to 41000sq. Ft of area. 100% power back up, High tech security arrangements with surveillance cameras and explosive detectors, Integrated Security Systems. Fire Protection System with fire alarm, smoke detector, fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipments and water sprinklers.

Suncity has worked on minute detailing as well that also offers extensive water features in the exterior, Aprox. 12000 sq.ft of grand atrium, Japanese garden in the atrium, wide lobbies, all the offices facing landscaping, atriums and the terrace, Lobby areas are also provided with comfortable waiting lounge.

The interesting fact about Suncity Business Towers is the fact that it is probably one of the buildings on the Golf Course Road offering small office spaces for rent in Golf Course Road, while most of the other buildings offer larger office spaces for rent.


Building Statistics – Suncity Business Tower, Golf Course road, Gurgaon.
Heading Information
Total Land Area 2.5 Acres
Total Built Up Area 2.15 Lac sq ft
Total No. of Floors G+5 floors
Type of Building Commercial/IT & ITES
Building Outlook Modern Glass Facade
Age of the Building 7 Years
Air Conditioning Type Central Air Conditioning
Office Size Range 21000 sq. Ft. to 41000 sq. ft
Type of Office Spaces Available Bare Shell / Warm Shell / Fully Furnished
Current Rental Range (Subject to Change) Call for Best Deal # 8010 567 567
Maintenance Charges (Subject to Change) 18/ sqft
Proximity to Metro Station 4 kms
Proximity to Eateries Within the Building & within 500 mtrs.
Location Link https://goo.gl/maps/6tz2S7jWRJK2


 Location Advantage:

Suncity Business Tower is located in Sec- 54 bang on the Golf Course Road in the midst of all the luxury and ultra luxury Residential and commercial complex. It is well connected through MG Road and NH236 through golf extension road. Metro station is just 4 kms away from Suncity Business Tower.  It takes 30 minutes to reach Indira Gandhi International Airport via NH8 from Suncity Business Tower.

Shopping Complex, Educational institutes, medical health centres and eating joints are available within a radius of 5 kms.

Upcoming Rapid metro station and under pass is add on benefit which will make Golf Course road exclusively available for all the residential and commercial projects.

Download as PDF: Office Space in Suncity Business Towers

 Existing Tenants in the Building:

Bikanerwala, Suncity Projects Pvt. Ltd, Orion Marine Concepts, Realfinity Realty, K & T Realty Services Pvt. Ltd, Rented Properties Gurgaon, Renaissance Realty Inc.,APAC Sourcing Solutions, Realsta Infratech Pvt. Ltd, JLS Propmart, Little Yellow beetle, Apex Acreages Pvt. Ltd, Panarc, Consulting Group, Residential Projects Gurgaon, Burger Singh, Indian Grill Room, Desi cook, Hometown Express, ASC Group, Ryosho Techno Singapore PTE. Ltd, Ecorea & Kuroda Electric India Pvt. Ltd, Bizcircle .net, Lhotse Food Products Pvt. Ltd, Technico Industries Ltd., KITA New Delhi Center, Pearl Spaces, Cosmo Colour, Toyoda Micromatic Machinery India Pvt. Ltd, Doctors Beyond Borders 

More Images

Commercial Space Gurgaon

Commercial Office Space Gurgaon

Office space in Gurgaon has come a long way, especially the unleashed creativity for the office interiors, most of the companies prefer to go with Customized Office Interiors these days rather than already fitted out spaces and it makes a lot of sense…more than anything else, work environment these days is a priority and interiors of a space take the lead in creating a good working environment. When companies go with the custom furnished office spaces, they can play with their own brand colors and plan the space totally as per the desired specifications, from the flooring to the ceiling to the entire office space.

One great example of custom furnished office space is the new office of Panasonic, which has been created to meet the needs of the current times with state of the art facility to allow for work and play, very unlike japanese companies, panasonic has also realized the importance of having work spaces that are not just work horses, but a lot more to do with engaging and involving people into the organization through various ways.

Great example to lead the way to what is expected from Office Spaces in Gurgaon

Here are some pics….Source of Pics ET Realty.

Solution to Space Expansion Problems

Office Space for Rent in Gurgaon

The problem of Space & Expansion: In our experience of working with various multinational organizations, we have had one typical problem that has always been there without a solution, let’s understand the problem first:

All businesses like to grow and plan their growth over a period of time, so they start with a smaller team initially and over the next 1 or 2 years, if business is good, they grow out of the space, they hire more people as they grow but the space doesn’t grow with the number of people… ultimately, they have to move the entire office and spend more resources and time in relocating. During the initial phase of office space acquisition, the tenant would have either spent a huge amount of money on doing up the interiors of the space or would have signed up a lock-in period in case the landlord would have done up the space. In either case, the tenant would end up losing money, time and resources to relocate. But the point is that the business growth cannot be stopped when the going is good…

So, the question is if there is a solution to the problem? How would it be possible for the tenant to expand within the same building or on the same floor? Well while there is no real answer to this problem, we believe that there are some ways in which one could possibly cover up for the proposed losses. Here are a few things that one could possibly consider when it comes to finalizing the office space for rent.

There are two things that one should look at, out of these, one is pertaining to the documentation and how the lease is to be worded, and the other is more of a physical aspect of the space that you finalize in the first place. So, let’s look at what would be a good thing to add in the Lock-in clause or on the overall lease. There are two ways to cover up for some of the losses or let’s say proposed losses should the company want to expand and move to a bigger size office. The first recommendation would be to reword the Lock-in clause to read something like this:

“That in case the company terminates the lease before the lock-in period is over, it will have to pay to the landlord the rent for the remaining period of the Lock-In period, however, in case the Lessee can find a suitable replacement tenant within the Lock-in period that is acceptable to the Landlord, in such case, the Lessee would be exempt from paying the balance month’s rent of the Lock-In period.”

This of course is to capture the essence of the clause, I am sure different lawyers would find different ways to word the same clause.

The second way that I believe should be interesting is to look at a space which is a larger space held by the same landlords and take a “First Right of Refusal” on a predefined additional space that is adjacent to the space being leased and also add a clause within the lease with a minimum time period for the clause to come into effect. e.g. if you are signing this clause in the lease, it would be great if you could get the landlord to agree to making this clause come into effect after 1 year or operations and that the landlord to keep this specific space empty for the 1 year period. (Although it is difficult to get the landlords to agree on this, but it is a possibility and should not be ruled out.)

Value For Money Office Space in Gurgaon

Cheap Office Space near Medicity Gurgaon

Some of the key factors and prime criteria that one needs to think through before taking up a cost effective office space in Gurgaon to my understanding are:

1. The Maintenance Amount: While most of the buildings offer a maintenance amount equivalent to about 18 to 20 per sq.ft. It is possible to bring this down to about Rs. 10/- per sq.ft. by choosing the right area to locate your office.

2. The Super Area Wastage: Typically, most buildings in Gurgaon would have a super area wastage of about 35% to 40%, which means that if you sign up for 10,000 sq.ft. of Super Area, you are likely to get an effective area of anywhere between 6,000 to 6,500 sq.ft. There are some office buildings like with a much lower super area wastage, in some cases as little as 10%, which means practically, you are getting an office space with 90% efficiency.

3. Parking Slots: While most of the buildings offer Office Space with limited free car parking spots, while some of the other more sought after areas like DLF Cyber Greens does not offer any free parking whatsoever, each car parking slot is priced at around Rs. 3,500 to 4,000 per car parking per month, in some cases even Rs. 5,000 per car parking per month.
While the thumb rule of office space for rent in gurgaon is 1 car park free with every 1000 sq.ft. of office space.

There are some buildings offering a lot more car parking space than the normal buildings, in some cases 3 Car Parking Spaces per 1000 sq.ft.

Here are the details of one great value for money space in Gurgaon:

Area: 7700 sq.ft.

Location : Opposite Medicity, Gurgaon

Free Car Parkings: 20

Setup: Warm Shell – Flooring/Ceiling/Ducting all done. No Furniture.

About the Space:

This is a warm shell space which was earlier being used by an institution and is now available for lease. The building has three floors out of which the owners have leased out the 3rd floor and are using the space on the 1st floor for themselves; the space offered is the entire independent floor with an independent lift on the 2nd floor measuring 7,700 sq.ft.


  • Completely Independent Floor with private access.
  • Low Super Area wastage of about 10% as compared to other buildings offering a high wastage of about 38%.
  • Ample Car Parking, 20 Dedicated Car Parkings in the premises.
  • Low Maintenance costs, only Rs. 10/- as compared to the rest of the Gurgaon market which is between Rs. 16 /- to Rs. 20/- per sq.ft.

The details of the commercials are mentioned below:

 Download as PDF: Office Space in Sector 32

 quick rent contact
Commercial Details – Proposed Space in Sector 32, Gurgaon.
Heading Information
Total Proposed Area for Lease 7700 sq.ft.
Total No. of Floors G+3
Type of Building Institutional Building
Building Outlook Modern Glass Facade/Old Style Concrete
Age of the Building Approx. 8 years
Air Conditioning Type Central Air Conditioning
Floor Offered 2nd Floor
Type of Office Spaces Available Warm Shell, Flooring / Ceiling/Partitions Done.
Current Rental Range (Subject to Change) Rs. 55/-
Maintenance Charges (Subject to Change) 10/-
Proximity to Eateries Within 500 mtrs.

  Location Advantage:

Very strategically located just close to the Medicity with easy access from NH-8 and close proximity to the Metro Station.

 Please see pictures for  your perusal, Call us for more details :

Furnished Office Space for Rent MG Road Gurgaon

Furnished Office Space On MG Road Gurgaon

A Well Furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon. Just vacated by a multinational company. This space is absolutely ready to start operations with minor refurbishment, which the owners are willing to do.

This Furnished Office Space on MG Road Gurgaon is located in one of the finest and most sought after office space buildings in Gurgaon – The Time Tower. The building hosts various multinational and large Indian Corporate clients and is a well maintained building with very good aesthetics.

This Furnished Office for Rent in Gurgaon is ideally suited for a Start Up or a company looking to expand it’s presence in Gurgaon.


Total Super Area 3298 sq.ft.
Workstations 20
Managerial Cabins 5
Conference Room 1
Meeting Room 1
Admin Area 1
Pantry 1
Washrooms 2 Ladies & Gents Seperate
Reception 1

Here is a Video of the Property

Here are some pictures of the Property

Here are the images of the Building

In case you are looking for a Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon, our team can help. We have multiple locations and multiple configurations of furnished office spaces. Whats more, if you don’t like any of our ready to move office spaces, we can give you a completely customized furnished office space in Gurgaon.

Co Working Spaces in Gurgaon

Co Working Space in Gurgaon

The space available 4284 sqft having approximately 45-50 workstations, 1 MD Cabin, 3 V P Cabins, 1 Board Room with Video Conferencing, Fully Equipped Pantry and separate washrooms for ladies and gents inside the main office in Gurgaon (National Capital Region  New Delhi) India.

Workstations 43
Managerial Cabins 3
Director Room 1
Conference Room 10 Seater Equipped with Projector/LCD – Siemens
Meeting Room 6 Seater
Cafeteria 9 Seater
Washrooms 2
Reception 1

P.S. This property comes fitted with large commercial photo copier, Printer and Projectors, Coffee Machine and LCD Screens etc.

Location Advantage :-

  • On the least congested and most premium and accessible Commercial Street of Gurgaon  which is a double side on way traffic, same road as the PowerGrid and Rites building.
  • Right next to the Metro Station  just a few minutes walk.
  • Direct access from the main road in to the  building for a clear drive in and drive through.
  • Convenient, cost effective and sufficient parking inside and outside the building.
  • We have never experienced any incidence of traffic snarls due to water logging  in the rains.
  • As the  maximum space is for about 45 to 50 people so the service is quite personal and  is very much loved by all as it is never crowded and meeting rooms are available.
  • Above all the new chattarpur gurgaon road lands you right at our Millennium Plaza, cutting travel time from Delhi to Gurgaon Office Location very significantly.