Furnished Office Space in Udyog Vihar

Furnished Office Space in Udyog Vihar

This is an interesting Expandable Office Space in Udyog Vihar, this is an interesting space for organizations that are looking for a reasonably priced office space in Gurgaon with a scope of expansion. How this helps ? Well, any new company is looking at growth, signing up for such a space gives you the opportunity to get the first right of refusal on the 1st floor space, which can actually be used as an expansion space for the growing organization.

Take 7000 sq.ft. of Fully Furnished space now with a first right of refusal to another 7,000 sq.ft. on the upper floor that can be custom delivered to you as per your perfect brief.

1st Floor: Warm Shell – Can be custom Fitted based on the requirements and client brief.

2nd Floor: 65 work stations (5X5), 6 Cabins, One conference room, One Pantry, One Cafeteria, One Server Room, Separate washrooms for ladies and gents

Here are some actual pictures of the property:


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