Understanding the Choices

Furnished Office Space Gurgaon

Furnished Spaces:

Talking about Furnished Spaces, there are primarily two opportunities that present themselves for companies looking for a plug & play ready to move office spaces: These are Ready Fitted Out Spaces & Custom Furnished Offices. Below, we have discussed the pros and cons of each type of space, this allows one to understand which type of space would be ideal for your next office acquisition.

Ready Fitted out Spaces: Essentially, these would be spaces, which have been used and vacated by an existing organization, which has either outgrown the space or downsized. These spaces are refurbished before leasing out to the new tenant; however they are not brand new. Also, being spaces that were built for some other organization may or may not be as per the exact requirement of a fresh tenant. This is ideally suited for companies looking for immediate movement or organizations looking for a shorter duration stay, less than 3 years.

Pros Cons
Possibility for Immediate Moving Spaces may not be a perfect fit.
Short Term Lease Possibility Lack of Corporate Branding/Sense of belonging.
Easy exit with No/Minimal Lock-In period Used Premises with Used Furnishings

Custom Built Spaces
: This is a great way that a host of companies work around, provided they are in the long haul and not looking at short term measures. Custom Furnishings offers an opportunity to incorporate your brand colors and create a space that is perfectly suited to your needs, our architects work with you to create multiple options of the perfect working environment based on your brief, that is perfectly suited to your needs at no extra cost to you. Link to

Pictures of some delivered Custom Built Office Spaces :


Pros Cons
Completely Customized Layout. Takes 45 Days to 60 Days to deliver.
Brand New Fittings. Minimum of 3 Year Lock-in period.
Very Own Corporate Colours for better branding. Would not be available immediately.
Expansion Planning can be incorporated at the design stage.



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